Sunday, May 19, 2013

This Just In… You Know Yourself 2.0 by Uma o’Gil

You Know Yourself 2.0 is a madcap satire of the heady days of the Celtic Tiger in cosmopolitan Dublin as seen through the eyes of a wet-behind-the-ears radio reporter who tries to get a break, find love and put up with her ex-rockstar of a father... usually with disastrous consequences.

You Know Yourself 2.0 pays tribute to the rantings and ravings of salt-of-the-earth Dubs caught in the maelstrom and conjures up the ghost of Flann O’Brien as it revisits the National Library of Ireland, St-Stephen's Green, Grafton Street, Phoenix Park, Cafe-en-Seine, Bewleys, The Point and many other genuine Dublin places like no touristic guide ever will (oh no).

Shameless petting sessions in public places, drunken pub crawls, made-on-the-fly cabby running commentaries, charity parades, glitzy funerals, daytime TV madness, a feminist analysis of action movies, tricks of the trade for winding up radio interviewees, agony aunt cliches, spivs, playboys, meat markets, shopping emporiums, on-air assassinations, the Jesus Lizard at their most riotous -- and a simply cataclysmic reader-meets-author evening that will not reflect gloriously on anyone involved.

You can order You Know Yourself 2.0 here. Visit author Uma o'Gil on the web here. ◊

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