Monday, August 05, 2013

Amazon’s Bezos Buys Washington Post

In a move sure to keep both the Twitterverse and the mainstream media buzzing for days, online bookseller Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has purchased The Washington Post, one of the most respected newspapers in America. Bezos’ $250 million purchase ends four generations of ownership by the Graham family. From The Washington Post
Seattle-based Amazon will have no role in the purchase; Bezos himself will buy the news organization and become its sole owner when the sale is completed, probably within 60 days. The Post Co. will change to a new, still-undecided name and continue as a publicly traded company without The Post thereafter. 
The deal represents a sudden and stunning turn of events for The Post, Washington’s leading newspaper for decades and a powerful force in shaping the nation’s politics and policy. Few people were aware that a sale was in the works for the paper, whose reporters have broken such stories as the Pentagon Papers, the Watergate scandals and disclosures about the National Security Administration’s surveillance program in May.
For much of the past decade, however, the paper has been unable to escape the financial turmoil that has engulfed newspapers and other “legacy” media organizations. The rise of the Internet and the epochal change from print to digital technology have created a massive wave of competition for traditional news companies, scattering readers and advertisers across a radically altered news and information landscape and triggering mergers, bankruptcies and consolidation among the owners of print and broadcasting properties.


Blogger Trish Saunders said...

Irony of ironies! Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and leader, who has done more than anyone else to destroy newspapers, independent bookstores, and (some say) libraries, has scooped up one of the last great newspapers left in America. I suppose it was too much to hope that he'd leave the name, Washington Post, intact. I'm shuddering to imagine what will happen to investigative journalism when he decides it is no longer profitable.

Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 3:50:00 PM PDT  

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