Friday, September 06, 2013

This Just In… Sploo McLout and the Incredible Food Fight by Eve Flager

Sploo McLout and the Incredible Food Fight take children on a journey of adventure and conflict resolution with a lovely little blue alien named Sploo McLout who lives on the wonderful planet of Zog.

When Sploo decides to hop in his space craft and go on an adventure, he discovers a planet just like Earth except only kids live there and they are in the middle of the most incredible food fight in the universe. They need Sploo’s help to resolve it before it gets any more out of hand!

“As he emerged from his little wrecked ship/hot dog bombs started falling, and veggies and dip!/Big cannons started firing out plump, giant peas, />and guns started shooting out sunflower seeds./And then McLout saw the strangest of all, /the soldiers were kids, not yet four feet tall!”

You can order Sploo McLout and the Incredible Food Fight here. ◊

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