Friday, November 01, 2013

Hunger Games Sequel Expected to Be Large at the Box Office

What’s bigger than the box office opening of  The Hunger Games in March of 2012? How about the opening of that film’s sequel in November 2013?

According to Variety, when The Hunger Games’ sequel, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, comes to a theatre near you on November 22nd, the film will earn between $140 and $150 million when it opens. Some sources predict the opening will be even better than that: perhaps even “north of $160 million during its first three days domestically.”

If that happens, it will have eclipsed The Twighlight Saga: New Moon’s opening weekend of $142 million. From Variety:
Catching Fire will have a tough time catching the two biggest Stateside openers of all time, “The Avengers” ($207 million) and “Iron Man 3″ ($174 million), both of which bowed in 3D during the summer.
Meanwhile, Variety has some terrific background on the entire Hunger Games film franchise here.



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