Thursday, December 05, 2013

This Just In… Flame Dancer by Annette Smith

It is 2030 and 16-year-old Sienna lives in The Uto where everyone is dependent on a little something from the Doc Station to get them through the day.

The tedious predictability of Sienna’s life is shattered when an accident propels her over the Boundary into the unfamiliar Sector. She finds herself in a completely different society where drugs are only used for therapeutic purposes. This concept is alien to Sienna who has been brought up to depend on drugs for her existence.

As Sienna tries to get to grips with her new life, she meets the psychic, Auralia, whose life appears to be perfect. But despite her doting parents and a seemingly assured future, Sienna learns that Auralia’s psychic abilities are threatening to unbalance her sanity. Through a shocking revelation, the friends discover the root of Auralia’s torment and the truth behind Sienna’s own troubled childhood. Flame Dancer explores the dramatic shifts in perception of two adolescent girls when their respective worlds collide.

You can order Flame Dancer here.

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