Monday, January 13, 2014

Gunther Grass Unlikely to Write Another Novel

Nobel Prize-winning German author Gunther Grass has said he probably won’t write another novel. From Germany’s English language newspaper, The Local:
“I'm 86 now. I don't think I will manage another novel,” Grass told the regional daily Passauer Neue Presse in a pre-released interview to appear on Monday.   “My health does not allow me to take on projects that will last five or six years and that would be the amount needed to research a novel,” added Grass.   He said he was devoting his time now to drawing and painting with watercolours. From this “creative activity,” some “first texts” have already been produced, he said.
Grass, the author of The Tin Drum (1959) and the recipient of the 1999 Nobel Prize for literature, is regarded as Germany’s best known writer.


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