Sunday, February 09, 2014

This Just In… Gilgamesh in the 21st Century by Paul Bracken

“Must I die?” asked Gilgamesh. Forty-five centuries later, we’re still asking the same question.

Science writer Paul Bracken embarks on a lighthearted assessment of the human condition, to explore what it means to be mortal, and what our fate may be. This scientific reimagining of the ancient Gilgamesh quest delves into a multitude of topics including the origin of life, the workings of the human mind, and the possibilities for life prolongation.

The ancient Gilgamesh was so distraught at the death of his friend Enkidu, and so sickened by the knowledge that he too would die, that he rebelled against his fate and set out on a search for salvation. Likewise, at the age of eleven, Bracken wondered if there might be a way to bring his grandfather back from the dead and has been pondering this question ever since. Is death a problem to be solved, or is it an essential aspect of our humanity?

You can order Gilgamesh in the 21st Century here. Visit author Paul Bracken on the web here. ◊

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