Sunday, February 16, 2014

What Do Kelly Clarkson and Sienna Miller Have in Common? Today? Jane Austen!

Both American singer, Kelly Clarkson, and English actress, Sienna Miller, are in the news for Jane Austen-related items today.

The ring that former American Idol Clarkson was banned from removing the UK after she bought it in 2012, has been secured by a British museum.

Clarkson bought the ring for £152,450. It is one of only three pieces of jewelry known to have belonged to the writer Jane Austen. But, after the sale, the BBC says, “Culture minister Ed Vaizey imposed an export bar on [the ring] and a campaign last year saw the ring bought for the Jane Austen’s House Museum in Hampshire. The turquoise and gold ring is now on permanent display at the museum.”

The culture minister said “he wanted the ‘national treasure’ to be ‘saved for the nation’.”
The ring was indeed saved after the museum, situated at Austen’s former home in Chawton, launched a Bring the Ring Home campaign.
Donations flooded in from around in the world, including an anonymous donation of £100,000, to match the price Ms Clarkson paid - as per the conditions of the temporary export bar. 
The singer, who won the American Idol TV show in 2002, previously said she was "happy to know that so many Jane Austen fans will get to see" the ring at the museum and called it a "beautiful national treasure".
Museum curator Mary Guyatt called Ms Clarkson "gracious" and said she hoped "to welcome Ms Clarkson at the museum in the future".
Meanwhile, in other Austen news, Factory Girl Sienna Miller has been tapped to star in Love and Friendship, a screen adaptation of Jane Austen’s unpublished novella, Lady Susan “about a widow in search of two husbands -- one for herself and one for her daughter,” according the The Irish Herald. “Austen chose not to submit the novella for publication, but her nephew, James Edward Austen-Leigh, included it in an 1871 biography of the author.”

The film will be shot in the Irish countryside this coming summer.



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