Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Just In… Handbook of Nothin’ by N. K. Wright

The year is 1972. Against the stormy backdrop of a nuclear arms race, Watergate break-ins, the Vietnam war, and indescribable acts of terror, a teenage boy lives out his simple, rural life. But despite his seemingly tranquil farm life, “Nothin’ Right” -- as he’s known to many of his seventh-grade classmates --faces trouble on numerous fronts and against several adversaries.

Can a resourceful farm boy solve his own epic problems when the often-violent world around him is on the verge of self-destruction? Handbook of Nothin’ is a 1972 snapshot of rural western America as told through the experiences of a 13-year-old junior high boy and the scrawled pencil drawings in his school notebook. It is written for middle-grade readers, but is fun for older groups as well, including anyone who lived in the 1970s.

You can order Handbook of Nothin’ here. Visit author N. K. Wright on the web here. ◊

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