Saturday, May 10, 2014

This Just In… Descent Into Darkness, Part 1: Victory Tower by Jarrett D. Smith

Welcome to Shadownia, a futuristic nation that opted to use newfound magic instead of technology. Once known as a utopia, it has been thrown into chaos since dictator Wolfgang Sanchos took the reigns of power. Follow renowned assassin Dimitri Dionus as he fights against Wolfgang's forces on his quest to save the nation:

In Descent Into Darkness, Part 1 Dimitri has only just finished a successful assassination, when a request from Amsolot Shadonus, a warrior long thought dead, sends him on a mission to rescue a fallen ally.

At first a task like any other, it soon becomes a personal mission when Wolfgang’s minions capture a close friend and confidant. Dimitri must venture to the Victory Tower, not only to complete his newest mission, but also to find answers about his friend’s whereabouts.

You can order Descent Into Darkness here. Visit author Jarrett D. Smith on the web here. ◊

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