Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This Just In… Bridge Beyond Betrayal by Stephanie Parker McKean

In her Christian mystery-romance-suspense, Bridge to Nowhere, Stephanie Parker McKean sends the adventure-loving Miz Mike on her second Three Prongs mystery, combining adventure, excitement, danger -- and even murder -- with romance in a spicy reading mix. 

When successful mystery writer Michal Rice spots a dead body in a red pickup truck, she springs into action. But no one believes her and she is left searching for the elusive truck and murder victim herself. When she learns the identity of the murdered man, once again no one will believe her, not even her fiancé, Marty Richards. 

When Mike unexpectedly joins a party of bone dowsers and the body is found, Marty accuses her of witchcraft and turns against her: the ultimate betrayal. But when someone is arrested for the murder, it is the wrong someone. Mike can’t let an innocent person suffer while the real murderer escapes and she risks her life to bring the killer to justice. Her quest attracts an unusual mélange of helpers, including wildlife safari park manager Frank who is determined to replace Marty and win Mike’s heart. 

You can order Bridge Beyond Betrayal here. Visit author Stephanie Parker McKean on the web here. ◊

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