Thursday, March 12, 2015

Top Flavors for 2015

We’re late to the party. Flavor creator Sensient predicted their top flavors for the year a while ago, but thanks to Natural Products Expo in Anaheim last week, they've come under our radar now.

Wisconsin-based Sensient is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavors and fragrances. They’re pretty much in the business of knowing what is going to hit next. After all, long before it gets anywhere neat the market, Sensient has every flavor and color imaginable in giant cauldrons awaiting action. It makes sense that they’d be keeping close watch on what way the wind blows.

So how is the wind blowing for 2015? Sensient predicts eight flavors that range from warm, familiar and comfortable to exotic and new. Here is their list of the top trends in flavors for this year.
  • African Blue Basil — A dynamic hybrid with a bright flavor
  • Cascara Tea — Brewed from the dried skins of coffee berries: hints of raisin and prune
  • Desert Wildflowers — A subtle eco-friendly way to impart floral notes
  • Everything Bagel — A blend of big, bold flavors — poppy seed, kosher salt, sesame seed, garlic, onion — moving out of the bakery and into everywhere else
  • Falernum — A key ingredient in Caribbean and tropical drinks, a sweet syrup flavored with almond and lime
  • Maple Mirch — A dried red chili powder complemented by sweet maple syrup notes
  • Salted Satsuma — Honey sweet citrus complemented by a tinge of salt
  • Smoked Chantilly — Vanilla or brandy infused whipped cream enhanced by a subtle smoky flavor



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