Thursday, December 16, 2010

Looking Back: Graphic Novels 2010

Gary Phillips, Shamus Award-nominated creator of Los Angeles private eye Ivan Monk and the author of the recently published novella, The Underbelly, commented in The Rap Sheet recently on his latest effort in the field of graphic-novel writing.

In Moonstone’s Spider #1, due out in January, he gives Depression-era super-spy Operator 5 new life as the back-up feature. He has also been writing stories for Moonstone about a black pulp character he created called Decimator Smith, and has worked on bringing back swinging 1960s freelance spy Derek Flint. With 2010 coming to a close, Phillips chooses his favorite crime and mystery graphic novels of the year:
The following is by no means an exhaustive overview, but I’ve tried to offer what I presume is The Rap Sheet’s mostly mystery prose-reading audience a flavor of what’s out there in the world of crime and mystery graphic novels. Take a gander and see what you think.
Phillips’ thoughtful selections are here. You can read about his adventures with Moonstone’s Spider #1 here.

Meanwhile, Graphic Novel Review has chosen its favorites for 2010 and taken an understandably wider view. “This was a wild, inventive year for graphic novels and manga,” says editorial director John Hogan, who created the list. “So many writers and artists took interesting risks and created works that are going to stand the test of time.” GNR’s list is here.



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