Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Franco and Lohan to Get Naked for Terry Richardson

Just in case you haven’t heard enough about James Franco and Lindsey Lohan lately: it’s rumored that the former couple will be getting full frontal naked together for a book by Terry Richardson, whom Jezebel once called “the world’s most f__ked up fashion photographer.” Though that honestly doesn’t sound like a terribly interesting book to me (for so many reasons) the rumour-milling blogs have been churning with the story since it broke on the 28th. Here, for example, is Black Book:
Now, we don't normally push hearsay, but this is just nuts. Today, Jezebel reported that Lindsay Lohan may have signed a million dollar deal to pose nude for an explicit photography book, shot by none other than provocative fashion photographer Terry Richardson. And she's posing alongside James Franco. And the piece is already being compared to Madonna's notorious 1992 book, Sex. The photos were apparently shot this past Saturday.
Though some of the stories say that the photos have yet to be shot, everyone seems to be reaching for that Madonna comparison, which seems kind of silly: that was a different subtext, a different time and a much better photographer (Steven Meisel). And here’s another silly thing: since Lohan has lost a serious amount of work with her (ahem) dances on the dark side, how does she figure that “getting her kit off” (as The Daily Mail so charmingly put it) is going to help?

No word on when or where or by whom this tome will be published.



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