Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Just In… Loathe Your Neighbor by D.A. Cairns

David Lavender is a man with a talent for making bad decisions. In his 40th year on planet Earth, a dangerous restlessness overwhelms him, and, as his marriage crumbles, and a dispute with his neighbor escalates, he responds to theses crises in his life with characteristic folly.

Frozen out by his mysteriously indifferent wife, Lilijana. Baited by his cantankerous stepson, Tomo, and alternatively supported and rebuked by his two best friends, Matt and Chalkie, will David successfully negotiate the minefield which his own discontent constructed, or will he destroy himself and everyone around him?

“This second novel from D.A. Cairns mixes wry, sarcastic humor with infidelity and neighborhood drama. David Lavender’s constant preoccupation with his neighbor, whom he’s dubbed the Chainsaw Massacrer of Chinaman’s Hollow, and his frustrated sexual passions lead him down a road of risk, betrayal, and violence. In a way, he betrays himself by becoming someone he never imagined he’d be. His life is not far removed from everyday human experience, but it's about to change drastically -- and not for the good. This is a bold, compelling read with well-drawn characters anyone can relate to: friends, family, a lover and, above all, neighborhood enemies.”  -- Jeanne Haskin

You can order Loathe Your Neighbor here. Visit D.A. Cairns on the web here. ◊

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