Thursday, March 08, 2007

When Imperial Power Wanes

Spoiler Alert! (Or, maybe, “newsflash,” depending on your take on the matter.)

Captain America is dead.

According to The Guardian:
As a symbol of waning imperial power, it is unmistakeable. Captain America, the stars-and-stripes wearing, blond and blue-eyed “pinnacle of human physical perfection,” is dead. The Marvel comics superhero, aka Steve Rogers, is gunned down by a sniper in the latest installment of the comic.
Comic Fodder was a bit more skeptical of the whole thing:
With a movie in the works, Cap’s face splashed across dozens of licensed products and a successful comic series, if Cap is dead, I shall eat my hat (yes, I wear hats made of marshmallows and jelly beans, but that's hardly the point). However, someone at Marvel must have noted how well the “Superman is Dead” bit played back in the early 90‘s, because today’s press took this one hook, line and sinker.
Like everyone else, we’re gonna reserve judgment until we see the movie.


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