Friday, October 05, 2007

Review: Earth: A Visitor’s Guide by Ian Harrison

Today, in January Magazine’s children’s book section, contributing editor Sue Bursztynski reviews Earth: A Visitor’s Guide by Ian Harrison. Says Bursztynski:
Earth: A Visitor’s Guide is a book of fascinating facts and trivia for those readers who enjoy the Guinness Book of Records. It is more than just records, of course. ...

The facts don’t stop. Did you know that in Tudor England, the ruler had someone whose job it was to wipe the royal bottom after it used the toilet? That the first artificial limb was made by an escaping criminal in ancient Greece, who had to cut off his own leg to get away? There are also some debunkings of previously accepted “facts” and a section on urban myths. There is even a recipe for a football-sized scotch egg and some unusual origami patterns.
The full review is here.

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