Monday, April 21, 2008

Celebrating Earth Day: Go Green by Nancy H. Taylor

Before you even pick the book up, Nancy H. Taylor’s Go Green: How to Build an Earth-Friendly Community (Gibbs Smith) scores points for staying on target; on task. No glossy stock here, no nasty poison inks or sketchy varnishes. The slender paperback is all soft edges and recycled stock so, going in, it’s reassuring to see an author who encourages us to change the world by starting with “easy things like changing our lightbulbs, recycling and driving less” actually walking that walk in her own book.

Taylor’s book deals with all the issues central to recreating your life in a more conscious way. Remodeling your home with green as your guide; choosing greener vehicles, buying local and organic food; conserving water and getting to a place of awareness with your personal carbon footprint.

At its core, Go Green is a primer. If you’re already ankle-deep or more in the environmental movement, there’s probably not a great deal for you to learn here: most of this has been said before, albeit in more complicated ways. But if you, like millions of others, want to know where to begin and how you can start to help, you won’t go wrong with Go Green.



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