Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New This Month: Landscape Planning by Judith Adam

Six years ago, a top landscape architect and designer reviewed the first edition of Judith Adam’s Landscape Planning: Practical Techniques for the Home Gardener (Firefly Books) for January Magazine and liked it.

Back in 2002, Laura-Jean Kelly said, “Landscape Planning is formulated to assist gardeners in the eastern part of North America in their tasks and this is reflected in materials and plants that are suggested in this book. With that said, Judith Adam approaches an often daunting task in a straightforward manner and provides the homeowner with a thorough primer on landscape management. If you are a beginner, this is one book that will cut through the maze of trends and styles to educate with practical advice.”

In 2008, Adam and Firefly offer up a new revised edition, mainly enhanced by still more tools to help the home landscaper find garden gold in their own little plot of land. Kelly’s 2002 review is here. It’s all still true of the new edition. Only more so.



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