Friday, June 06, 2008

Is This What the Mainstream Looks Like Now?

“Life with a sex demon is never boring.”


It seems like Ballentine is mass market paperback publishing Jennifer Stevenson’s “Brass Bed” series as quickly as she can roll them off her word processor. Point: The Velvet Chair, book two in the series, came out late May of this year. Book three, The Bearskin Rug, will follow – wait for it -- June 24th.

In the series debut, The Brass Bed -- published way back in April of this year -- readers met Jewel Heiss. And, according to the PR material, In The Brass Bed, Miss Heiss not only ended up “with a hot, slightly reformed con artist as a partner, but she managed to free a cursed, 200-year-old hunky sex demon from a brass bed, making him her (willing) sex slave!”

Some of you will be saying: “Wow! Where’s my copy? I have to find a beach. Now!” And others… well, others will be saying something else. Either way, I figure we’re not in Kansas. Anymore.



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