Sunday, May 10, 2009

Children’s Books: White Cave Escape by Jennifer McGrath Kent

Like its predecessor, 2007’s Chocolate River Rescue, White Cave Escape (Nimbus Publishing) is high drama for young readers: junior thrillers so gripping, even reluctant readers are swept along. Chocolate River Rescue was nominated for four children’s book awards in its publication year. White Cave Escape maintains the same level of quality storytelling with its drama. There’s no reason to think this one won’t demand all the attention that first book in this series did.

Set in the White Rocks of New Brunswick, the same five engaging youngsters readers met in the first book find themselves alone in the woods trying to outpace a forest fire. The only way they can see to survive is to wait the fire out in the legendary White Caves. What they don’t see coming: the White Caves will be an adventure all of an entirely different nature.

White Cave Escape is a slender, non-intimidating book with large print and a wallop of a story. A winning combination for readers aged eight to 12.

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