Saturday, August 15, 2009

Archie and Veronica to Wed

After all these years -- 67 of ’em, to be exact -- Riverdale will rock this month when Archie and Veronica tie the knot. At least, that’s what the Archie blog let readers know back in May when the announcement caused a hailstorm of “Oh, no, poor Betty!” type comments from deeply concerned fans.

It will take six comics to tell the whole story, but the first one, Archie Marries Veronic Part I: The Proposal, goes on sale September 1st. Our breaths? They’re held.

Meanwhile, the story of an angry Betty fan who sold the Archie #1 comic he’d been holding onto for many years broke yesterday. Don’t feel too badly for him, though: sale of the comic brought $38,837 at auction.


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