Thursday, March 25, 2010

Which E-Book Reader is Right for You?

While new e-book readers continue to enter the market, it’s pretty early to say who is going to win the battle currently being fought over dominance in the growing e-book market. In fact, it seems likely that the reader that will win the war probably doesn’t even exist yet. Meanwhile, though, if you want to read electronically right now, there are some very viable options available. WebWorkerDaily takes a closer look at the top of the field:
E-books have never been more popular, but despite all of the attention they have gotten recently, there isn’t a universal e-book format, and we must contend with the many different types of e-books and e-readers that are available. Here’s a rundown of the popular e-book formats that are available today and how to use them all.
The full article is here.

Meanwhile, 31 Japanese publishers got together yesterday and formed an e-book association. From Mainchi Daily News:
Yoshinobu Noma, vice president of Kodansha, was named head of the new association. At a news conference, he presented three principles for the association: securing rights and profits for authors; providing convenience for readers; and the coexistence of print and digitalized works.
More on the new organization here.



Blogger RB said...

"The reader that will win the war probably doesn't even exist yet." So true! But perhaps you've heard of Vook (Yahoo just suggested it might the "kindle killer"

Vooks are mixed-media e-books integrating video and social networking. Totally different than all the others..but still intriguing.

I'd be curious to hear opinions.

Friday, March 26, 2010 at 10:56:00 AM PDT  

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