Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Book Has its Own Independence Day

We were off having too much independent fun on the fourth of July to comment on The Huffington Post’s very interesting piece covering “15 Feisty Small Presses and the Books You’re Going to Want From Them.” Clearly, however, this is something we all want to note:
To celebrate Independence Day, here are 15 small presses that exemplify the best qualities of this publishing tradition -- so characteristic of America, where the upstarts and rebels and truly ornery literary entrepreneurs flourish side by side with the bloated conglomerate publishing houses. At their best, the independent presses represent democracy, flattening of hierarchy, and dynamic feedback.
And so who makes HuffPost’s cut? Well, we’ll leave you to read their list, but there are a few surprises, as well there should be when the issue is just how much -- and how well -- you stand alone.


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