Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fiction: Bedtime Story by Robert J. Wiersma

Today in January Magazine’s fiction section, editor Linda L. Richards reviews Bedtime Story by Robert J. Wiersema. Says Richards:
There’s something about Robert J. Wiersema’s voice that I have found consistently disturbing. In three novels now, Wiersema reaches out and grabs his audience, then tortures them where it aches. That isn’t always an easy place for a reader to sit. And, no matter how you feel about that, it’s an uncommon writer who can stir that kind of reaction. Hence the fanfare.

Bedtime Story, out this month from Random House Canada, follows two earlier novels by this author: both widely acclaimed, though neither Before I Wake or the novella The World More Full of Weeping were quite as powerful as this one. That’s a good sign. You get the idea that Wiersema is a writer who is reaching for the full powers of his craft. Where this all is going is yet to be seen. But the journey thus far is well worth watching.
The full review is here.



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