Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: The Snuggie Sutra by Lex Friedman and Megan Morrison

It’s difficult to imagine The Snuggie Sutra (St. Martin’s Press) as anything but a gift book. Seriously: it’s really not the sort of book one buys for themselves.

As the title suggests, The Snuggie Sutra is about how to use the pop culture phenomenon Snuggie “blanket with sleeves” for uses quite beyond what the inventor probably originally intended. From the Preface:
Of course, once we owned our Snuggies, and could cuddle up with a good book, we realized the world had changed for the better. Because if you can suddenly reinvent keeping warm while getting cozy with a great novel, there’s no reason you can’t reinvent keeping warm while getting cozy with a great lover.
So that’s the premise. In eight chapters and illustrated with whimsical and surprisingly elastic stick people, the book takes us through “various forms of Snuggie sex, gently guiding you on a fuzzy and warm sexual awakening.”

Just in case you’re taking it all too seriously, the introduction pulls you back:
The key to satisfying Snuggie sex are as follows:

1. Own a Snuggie
2. Have minimal dignity
3. Keep lots of detergent on hand -- maybe a Sham Wow
4. Find a willing partner
And then, Kama Sutra-style and still with these whimsical illustrations, the positions: The deck chair. The Mantle. The Warm Pretzel. The Hi-Ho Silver. I could go on, but you get the idea. The Snuggie Sutra is definitely more about whimsey than satisfaction, but if you’ve got a loved one who likes to smile -- and keep warm -- this might be a welcome gift. (Add a gift Snuggie and the gift takes on extra meaning!) ◊

David Middleton is a graphic designer and photographer and the art and culture editor of January Magazine.

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