Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New in Paperback: Something Red by Jennifer Gilmore

Almost a year ago, we liked Jennifer Gilmore’s second novel, Something Red, quite a lot.

“Delicious, complex and unexpected,” wrote January Magazine editor, Linda L. Richards, in April of 2010. “Something Red is that impossible animal: a novel close to capable of being all things to everyone. A family saga with politics, espionage and a hit of romance. Yet the book is a well-plotted, engaging generational saga.”

New in paperback this month from Mariner Books, January’s praise is joined by the New York Times Book Review, O, Vanity Fair and others. “Gilmore can be hilariously eviscerating,” wrote The New Yorker. We’d agree with that, too.

January Magazine’s 2010 review of Something Red is here.



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