Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Rapture Was Short-Lived

After an unprecedented hiatus of more than a week, regular readers of January Magazine may well have feared that we’d been Raptured away or had otherwise shuffled off this mortal coil. Au contraire. We’ve been here, biting nails and biding our time, waiting for Blogger to repair damage done to our front-end after a system-wide shakedown on May 13th. The damage has yet to be repaired and aspects of January Magazine’s blogger-run front-end are currently suffering quite acutely, but we’re hoping that getting things back-to-business will serve the same purpose that going to the bathroom does when you’re in a restaurant waiting for an overdue dinner to arrive at table. The second you step away, your food appears. That's what we’re hoping for here.

While we were gone, a lot happened in the book world. Too much for us to reasonably try to catch up on. The Man Booker got a black eye. The Rap Sheet checked in from CrimeFest, UK and The Huffington Post (always a practical bunch) opined on books to take to the End of Days.

We’re going to put energy into getting things back to normal around here. Watch your step in the debris and if you spot something odd, please let us know.


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