Sunday, June 05, 2011

Celebrities With Books Turn Heads

When did carrying a book get to be something worthy of remark? This seems an odd thing to celebrate. The Sun UK “reveals some of the inspirational works that have turned stars into bookworms.”

Here’s Harry Potter star Emma Watson with a Chicken Soup book. And Lindsay Lohan with an eff-you expression and a copy of Susan Shapiro Barash’s 2009 whinefest, Toxic Friends. Next party girl Paris Hilton photographed with a book with a title one would think Hilton would have come up with herself: Living In The Moment by Gary Null.

All of this is in stark contrast to a recent comment from Victoria “Posh” Beckham that she’s never read a book (The comment was later restated by the star, but still.) and from Jamie Oliver whom the Guardian said “is forever boasting ‘I have never read a book in my life -- ever,’ the sort of extreme debating pose he’d presumably find less helpful were it a 104-year-old woman explaining she'd never eaten a vegetable in her life.”


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