Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Detectives in a Literary Deathmatch

Okay: so it’s silly as anything, but still kind of fun. In an all out battle between good ol’ Sherlock and everyone’s favorite Miss Marple, who would kick whose keister? Undaunted by anything as tedious as reality -- or a definite lack thereof -- Andrew Losowsky, books editor at the Huffington Post, set about trying to find the answer:
It began, as so many things, with an argument. One of those tedious ones, you know how they go: who would win in a fight between this fictional character and that? We enjoy these half-drunken amicable disagreements, not least because they rely on obscure knowledge of the personality traits of figures who never existed.

Our conversation turned to literary detectives. What would happen, we mused, if there were some kind of futuristic deathmatch between them? Who would win?
Well, who would? Sam Spade? Nancy Drew? Maigret? We’re not going to give anything away: it’s a mystery, after all. But you can read Losowsky’s conclusions here.


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