Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: The Misanthrope’s Guide to Life (Go Away!) by Meghan Rowland and Chris Turner-Neal

It’s true: the best of the season can bring out the worst in everyone. If the person you’re buying for is a candidate for The Misanthrope’s Guide to Life (Adams Media) you probably don’t need much prompting. We all know at least one of those “Bah! Humbug!” sorts. The only thing often missing for this sort of friend or relative is the perfect gift. And now? Here it is! From the book:
The Misanthrope’s Prayer

Lord, grant me the irritability to deal with those people I cannot avoid, the flight-reflex to avoid those people I can, and the impatience to get it all over qui
While the book is obviously tongue-in-cheek, there is a ring of truth to what is being shared here and true misanthropes will know the difference.
When traveling abroad, you begin to realize how very lucky we Americans are. Not because of our political freedoms, our wealth, or our safety, but because our urban poor are amazingly meek compared to those in other parts of the world.
If any part of that tickles your funny bone, you can see where this is going. If it sickens, upsets or otherwise makes you uncomfortable, it’s possible you’re not a misanthrope, but why spoil everyone’s fun?

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