Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Nikky Finney Bares Arms for Black History Month

As Black History Month gets going, we can think of no better way to get into the spirit of things than with a gorgeous essay by poet Nikky Finney (Head Off and Split, Black Poets Lean South) at the Huffington Post:
We are called angry Black women because we are not afraid of bare arms. We pay close attention to our arms, holding our children tight inside of them. We are called angry Black women because we use our arms to wave to each other, because we boldly swing our arms when we walk, because we know arms reach out, give regard, sometimes we even hire haute couture designers who have done their homework, who know we are no armless hipless mannequins.
Finney’s piece is rich, measured and beautiful. The sentiment is well worth paying attention to, as well. You can read it on the Huffington Post here.

HuffPo will continue their celebration of Black History month tomorrow with an essay by another National Book Awarding-winning author, Jesmyn Ward (Where the Line Bleeds, Salvage the Bones).


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