Thursday, February 14, 2013

This Just In… A Box of Pandoras by Steve Brewer

A Box of Pandoras is a hilarious new mystery from Steve Brewer, author of the Bubba Mabry series.

When Loretta Kimball learns her favorite actor is coming to New Mexico for a film festival, she couldn’t be more excited. Loretta is the long-time president of the International Michael Girard Fan Club, and she never passes up a chance to see Mr. Girard in person.

The festival is in trendy Santa Fe, which is practically a different planet from rural New Mexico towns like Pandora, so Loretta expects a certain amount of weirdness when she and her husband attend. But she doesn’t expect murder.
When suspicion is cast upon Mr. Girard, Loretta is thrown into the midst of a media circus. She snoops around, endangering her own life while trying to uncover the killer.

“Every region claims its own resident jester-in-crime. Steve Brewer owns the Southwest.” -- National Book Award winner Pete Hautman

You can order A Box of Pandoras here. ◊

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