Tuesday, April 09, 2013

This Just In… Heron’s Path by Alethea Eason

Heron’s Path is a young adult fantasy novel for all ages. Set in an alternative universe of northern California at the start of the 20th century, Katy and Celeste believe they are fraternal twins. They have grown up listening to the stories that belong to their native step-grandmother, Olena, and the world of her people, the Nanchuti, is more real to them than that of the civilization their parents chose to leave behind.

Celeste undergoes a frightening transformation, and Katy must decide what her love for Celeste means. Heron’s Path is both a spiritual journey and an exciting adventure as the girls travel upriver to the deep wilderness to discover the truth of the path that is Celeste’s destiny.

“Heron’s Path is a beautiful read. I was swept away by Alethea Eason’s rich and beautiful evocations of the natural world.”

Order Heron’s Path here. You can visit author Alethea Eason on the web here. ◊

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