Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Keith Richards in Trouble Again

Rock n’ roll bad boy and millionaire, Keith Richards, is known for more than his music. One of the founding members and the unofficial leader of The Rolling Stones, Richards is ranked fourth of the top 100 guitarists on the planet. Today, however, he’s making headlines for a different reason: his long overdue library books. From The Mirror:

The Rolling Stones legend, 69, admits he still owes for books he borrowed and failed to return to his local public library in Dartford, Kent, when he was a teenager. 
And at 15p a day – plus interest and admin fees – the star could be slapped with a bill for around £3,000.
Keith confessed: “I’ve still got overdue fines from about 50 years ago. They must be astronomical by now.”
With an estimated personal worth in excess of over £175 million, the legendary rocker would be in a fantastic position to help out Britain’s much beleaguered library system with a big, fat gift, especially since, according to Richards, he really loved the library when he was growing up:
Keith explained: “To me it was a place where you get a hint there was somewhere called civilisation.
“It was the only place where I would willingly obey the laws, like silence. It was somewhere I could find out about things I was interested in.”
The Rolling Stones’ 50 and Counting tour is currently rolling across North America. And, hopefully, when he isn’t on stage or on a bus, Richards is finding time to read.


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