Thursday, May 30, 2013

This Just In… The Adventures of Billy Chicken Toes & the Wolf: Add Your Own Art Children’s Books by Jeannee DeWolfe

This is the story of Billy Chicken Toes, a young but inquisitive barnyard chick who one day finds himself shooed out of the henhouse to make room for new hatchlings. He is told to stay close to home, but Billy’s curiosity and innocent free spirit lead him far from the safety of the Jones farm and cause him to tumble down a dark, damp rabbit hole, where he encounters one adventure after another. He meets a not-so-clever wolf who deceives poor Billy and tricks him into leading the hungry old scallywag back to the hen house. When Billy learns the truth about the wolf and the threat he poses to his loving family, Billy discovers that even a little chick like himself can possess daring and courage far beyond his tiny size. In the end, Billy learns the true meaning of friendship.

Jeannee DeWolfe is from Jamestown, New York, the hometown of Lucille Ball. “While this is my first book, I anticipate Billy Chicken Toes and I will have many more adventures to come.”

You can order The Adventures of Billy Chicken Toes & the Wolf here. Learn more about author Jeannee DeWolfe here. ◊

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