Friday, May 31, 2013

This Just In… Shadows and Ghosts by Barbara Froman

Ida Mae Glick, a critically acclaimed filmmaker, has lived and taught in the small town of Willow Bend, New York for five years without drawing attention to her troubled past. But when she suffers a near fatal heart attack, the result of trying to live on the same meager rations as a group of homeless people she is filming, she winds up in intensive care under the scrutiny of a neurotic psychiatrist who believes she’s unstable. To make matters worse, her mother’s ghost has appeared at her bedside with old gripes, and her angry, estranged identical twin, Lisa, is heading toward town intent on having her committed. Ida Mae is desperate to escape with her freedom intact, but knows she’ll have to get past her psychiatrist first. The only question is, can she?

Shadows and Ghosts is Ida Mae’s tale of artistic passion, fierce sibling rivalry, failed love affairs, substance abuse, and the magical redemptive power of cinema.

From the author: “I wrote Shadows and Ghosts because I love movies and I wanted to give readers a cinematic experience, but, more specifically, the kind of cinematic experience one finds in classic women's movies.  So, I fashioned a tale about a critically acclaimed, slightly crazy, Bohemian filmmaker, and gave her a conservative, uptight, identical twin sister. Then, I surrounded her with a cast of women as smart, mouthy, and neurotic as she is, and framed her story with screenwriters' directions and images from the films that shaped her life.”

You can order Shadows and Ghosts here. Visit author Barbara Froman on the web here. ◊

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