Monday, September 09, 2013

This Just In… The Pull of the Tide by Emily Selencky

Obsession: the domination’s of one’s thoughts and feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire. Not: beauty, grace, breath, life. A psychosis. Something that happens to other people -- wierdos, psychos, freaks, nerds. Not me. Not to me. But it did, you see. Or so they told me when the psychiatrist gave his report to the court...

Marcus’ tale begins when he logs onto the internet to work on a story he hopes will make a big splash in the national papers. But very soon his obsession for a young woman he sees on the site has him hooked and he is logging on for personal rather than professional reasons. As his fascination with this young woman grows, he realizes that he must find her, must meet her in the flesh, and hours of logging on to the site begin to dominate his life and his relationships.

The Pull of the Tide is the story of how one seemingly ordinary man’s life can so quickly fall apart, and of how respectability can be so easily stripped away by the events that sweep us along through life.

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