Tuesday, November 05, 2013

This Just In… So What! Stories or Whatever! by G J Griffiths

Hilariously funny one moment and thought-provoking the next. These are poignant and graphic tales with an unexpected twist near the end.

So What! Stories or Whatever! is a collection of takes about the people who are found in a contemporary high school. It generally follows the early and subsequent career of Robert Jeffrey as he attempts to prove to himself that he can motivate the children he teaches to want to learn about science -- and maybe become scientists one day. All through the book we are made aware of the joys and disappointments experienced by pupils and their teachers.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, G J Griffiths brings some of the stories about the children he taught. So What! Stories or Whatever! is an amusing and often sobering book. Parents, teachers, pupils and students will all recognize the characters and their tales. A timely illustration of what is to be found in the classrooms of any contemporary high school.

You can order So What! Stories or Whatever! here. Visit author G J Griffiths on the web here. ◊

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