Thursday, December 05, 2013

Birthday for an Author: Let Them Eat Cake!

On her 50th birthday, author Roxanne Snopek (Fake Fiancé, Real Revenge, Three River Ranch) got a wonderful surprise. Her husband, Ray Snopek, unveiled a cake he’d had made that celebrates his wife’s success as an author.

Though Snopek has written many books, she says that the cake features pages from a recent short story. Called “Saving the Sherrif” it’s just been released as part of a Christmas anthology called Stranded With a Hero (Entangled).

The cake was created for Snopek by Laura Kyte of Abbotsford and Snopek says that it was not only gorgeous, it was also delicious.

“Being celebrated in such a beautiful, personal way brought me to tears,” says Snopek. “But I dried up in time to eat it because this was seriously the best cheesecake ever!”


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