Monday, December 09, 2013

This Just In… Slavery, Smallholding and Tourism by Michael E. O’Neal

Slavery, Smallholding and Tourism explores the political economy of development in the British Virgin Islands -- from plantations, through the evolution of a smallholding economy, to the rise of tourism. The study argues that the demise of plantation economy in the BVI ushered in a century of imperial disinterest persisting until recently, when a new “monocrop” -- tourism-- became ascendant.

Using an approach both historical and anthropological, author Michael E. O’Neal reveals how the trend toward reliance on tourism and other dependent industries affects many BVIslanders -- called the “Belongers” -- in ways that echo their historical and economic heritage.

You can order Slavery, Smallholding and Tourism here. Read more about the book here. ◊

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