Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Norris Gets Patriotism in Print

Washington, DC’s Regnery Publishing has announced that they will be publishing a book by actor and martial arts expert, Chuck Norris. The actor and some time writer raised eyebrows earlier this year by touring with Mike Huckabee who was, at the time, a Republican presidential hopeful.

Regnery tells us the book, tentatively to be called Black Belt Patriotism “offers more than a cultural critique -- it’s a no-holds-barred assessment of American culture, from family values to national security. Black Belt Patriotism offers a unique perspective on the steps we must take to kick the problems plaguing America, straight from a true American icon.”

Can you say, “Yikes!” (I knew you could.)

According to Regnery, “Norris is the author of two New York Times bestsellers, a philanthropist, martial arts expert, and TV and film actor. Best known for his TV series Walker, Texas Ranger -- Norris toured Iraq in 2006 & 2007, shaking hands & taking pictures with more than 38,000 troops.”

The book will be published this summer.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


A U.S. News report released on April 16, 2008 puts Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt and Mike Huckabee on the same level.

"John McCain's big economic speech today was sort of one part Ronald Reagan (cut taxes, cut spending), one part Mike Huckabee (help for workers; Main Street is as important as Wall Street), and one part Teddy Roosevelt (criticism of "reckless CEOs and speculators").

Huckabee's rapid rise in the Presidential race is capturing the hearts and minds millions of ordinary people all around America.

To be achieve this prestigous level so soon with history's greatest U.S. Presidents in such a remarkable short time period is an outstanding accomplishment for Mike Huckabee.

The alliance between McCain and Huckabee 08 ticket has offically begun. Huckabee's new PAC web site to promote McCain. And McCain calling Wall Street "greedy", was Mike's central theme of those on Main Street vs Wall Street.

The alliance between these two Honorable men started back in December when they worked together to force Romney out of the picture.

McCain will be announcing Huckabee as his VP running mate in the next few months. With McCain's military background, he holds dear to the code of Honor and Integrity which Huckabee displayed during the campaigns.

The alliance between these two men started well before the campaign last year. In effect, both men are related. Mike Huckabee's wife Janet's maiden name is also McCain. During the campaign match one saw many compliments of each other going back and forth during the debates. Look for the McCain Huckabee ticket to officially start by start of summer.

Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 4:15:00 AM PDT  

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