Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jerry Hall Closes Book on Pricey Jagger Memoir

Two years into the writing of an “explosive tell-all book” about her life with lead Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, The Daily Mail reports that the project “has been abandoned in mysterious circumstances.”
The book, which Miss Hall has spent two years writing, will remain forever in manuscript form after she had an unexplained change of heart and reneged on a £1 million deal with HarperCollins.

The publisher is said to have become frustrated that, despite promises that the book would be overflowing with juicy detail about the Rolling Stones singer’s dalliances, 52-year-old Miss Hall provided only a very sanitised account.
So sad! The literary world can only sigh and wonder. Meanwhile, The Mail has said that HarperCollins has asked for the return of their £500,000 advance. (The cheek!)

The Mail’s story is here. Contact Music offers their short, sweet but basically identical explanation here.



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