Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New in Paperback: Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin

A bestseller in hardcover in 2009, Temple Grandin’s Animals Make Us Human (Mariner) examines our relationship with the creatures in our lives. Not just what they do for us (that’s been done quite a lot) but how we can give our animals the best possible life. Along the way we learn a great deal about them... and us.

Grandin’s deep knowledge of her subject and direct prose combine to make compelling reading. You leave Animals Make Us Human with a better knowledge of the animals in your life than you had going in, with lots of terrific anecdotes along the way.

Grandin is also the author of the autism memoir Thinking in Pictures and the bestseller Animals in Translation. With her trademark elegant simplicity, Grandin takes a species-by-species approach to companion animals. Dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, chickens and other poultry, wildlife and zoos: each get their own chapters and their own look at what each species requires from the humans in their lives when they are in captivity. Not food and water needs but rather, as the author puts it, to have a good mental life. The first line in Animals Make Us Human states it quite perfectly: “What does an animal need to have a good life?” Answering that question with Grandin is an adventure in learning. She knows so much and shares it all so well.

“Everyone who is responsible for animals,” Grandin writes, “farmers, ranchers, zookeepers, and pet owners -- needs a set of simple, reliable, guidelines for creating good mental welfare that can be applied to any animal in any situation...”

Here they are.

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