Friday, February 15, 2013

This Just In… Games of Adversaries by Susan Elizabeth Curnow

Yiahan rial Krais dances for his god, while in another time and another world, Commander Marcus Oregada strives to save his folk.

Bereft of families, wives and children, no loved ones live to warn them: Beware the door slammed shut to escape inhuman violence, where memories amass like cobwebs, spun by he who spilled your blood. For there will be a day of reckoning to sweep away reason and sanity. To break you and divide you, never knowing it will bind you, as it twists and rends your lives to face the destroyer of souls.

Games of Adversaries is Susan Elizabeth Curnow’s debut novel. The book takes two men from vastly different worlds through shocking twists of loss, betrayal, and torture. Reeling from pain and enmity, they must ultimately realize that no one else has the power to save themselves and their worlds.

In a way that is deeply sympathetic to prisoners of war and soldiers exposed to terrible hardship everywhere, the author speaks to the heart of the reader with truth as well as compassion.

You can order Games of Adversaries here.◊

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