Monday, September 09, 2013

Seven Lessons From One of Literature’s Leading Ladies

Kiera Knightley starred
in the 2102 film based
on Tolstoy’s novel.
As the world settles in to celebrate Leo Tolstoy’s 185th birthday, The Huffington Post takes a close look at Anna Karenina, one of the late Russian author’s masterworks, and pulls out seven life lessons. Slightly thin in spots, but throughly fun. They observe, for instance, that “Romance and true love do exist!” (Thank goodness! We were wondering.)
Anna Karenina is, obviously, a tragedy. A woman risks everything she has, including her own life, in pursuit of true love, and the pursuit is ultimately fatal. But there is a good deal of happiness amid the traumatic happenings of this book.
You’ll find these and other lessons here.

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