Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This Just In… False Economies: A Novella by Gordon Haber

London, 1990. Thatcher is on her way out, but Thatcherism is in full swing. Meanwhile David Bergmann, a young American working in a West End bar, is having a quarter-life crisis. He loves London, but he’s broke, he can’t get a girlfriend, and his flatmate is kicking him out.

Then he meets Sofia. On paper it’s a bad match -- she’s a little older and a lot more sophisticated. But Bergmann is convinced that this fantastic woman can give him the purpose he lacks. All he needs to do is find the cash for a (hopefully) life-changing weekend with her in Paris.

Thus Bergmann takes a radical step for a nice Jewish boy and moves into a squat. He’ll quickly learn that in Thatcherite England, free rent comes at a price.

False Economies is a funny and moving story about young love in London and the mistakes we make while trying to grow up.

You can order False Economies here. Visit author Gordon Haber on the web here. ◊

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